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    During the rule of the East India Company, the then Governor General of Bengal, Lord William Benting, in 1829 created a division of several districts of Bengal with the aim of consolidating the revenue system and consolidating the system of governance. At that time the title of the head of the department was Divisional Commissioner. In the same year (1829) Burdwan, Presidency, Dhaka, Rajshahi and Chittagong divisions were formed.

    The Barisal Division was established on 01-01-1993 AD and Mr. Mohammad Abdur Rashid joined as the first Divisional Commissioner. The Deputy Commissioners conduct administrative activities under the direction and supervision of the Divisional Commissioner. The Divisional Commissioner is the Chairman of the Divisional Law and Order Committee, the Chairman of the Divisional Development Coordination Committee, the Chief Revenue Officer of the Division, the Chairman of the Regional Task Force on Prevention of Smuggling, the Chairman of the Divisional Selection Committee, the Chairman of the Divisional Sports Organization.


Manpower of Divisional Commissioner's Office:


Additional Divisional Commissioner-02

Director Local Government-01

Deputy Director Local Government-01

Senior / Assistant Commissioner-04


Chief Assistant-03



High quality assistant-06

Office Assistant Computer-36





Night watchman-01


      In order to establish the office of Barisal Divisional Commissioner in Ichhakathi Mouza No. 13 29/71-62, 9 / 60-61, 81 / 6-79 L, 17.60 acres of land was acquired in favor of the District Council through this case. 16.06 acres of land was acquired for setting up the office of the Divisional Commissioner through L.A. No. 96. The said land was recorded in the name of the Divisional Commissioner in the ledger No. S.A. created by Ichakathi Mouza. The land has been recorded in the DP Khong No-2/1 ledger of the present survey. It was decided to set up all the offices at the divisional level on the acquired land. At present the construction work of the divisional level offices is in progress. The offices are: Deputy Inspector of Police, Barisal Range, Barisal, Director Health, Deputy Director Fisheries, Regional Director Food Department, Joint Registrar Cooperatives, Deputy Director Bangladesh Employees Welfare Board, Deputy Director Agriculture Marketing Department, Zonal Settlement Officer. Office, Deputy Land Reformer's Office, Joint Director Labor Department, Director Environment Department, Divisional Accounts Controller, Deputy Director Primary Education, Deputy Director Secondary and Higher Education, Additional Chief Engineer, Public Works Department etc.